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Thank you for visiting my web site. My name is Vera, the soul owner of Rainbow Nappies and in operation since 1999. I strive to keep my overhead cost low, thus passing the savings on to my customers. I enjoy a streamline operation, quality products and a good customer relationship. That is why I can not only "put my money where my mouth is", but also put my face to the products I sell and the service I render.

If you need to know more about Rainbow Nappies cc or any additional information about the brands / products I sell, please feel free to contact me.

The downside of having a streamlined operation, complimenting affordability and quality, also means certain limitations. One such limitation is my operation area. Presently it only includes the Western Cape [Borders:Vredendal, Beaufort West & George]. I am willing to accommodate orders from outside my operation area if the customer is willing to arrange transport or carry the courier- / postal expense.

My biggest reward in this business is how many customers (with regard to adult care) living situation is turned around, for the better.

Best regards.
Vera Smith

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(021) 591-1104


 083 714 4253


146 Botha Street
Vrijzee Goodwood